Newsletter August 2004

We have lost three members from the Management Committee in the past Month. Although Dave Taylor has left the Committee he is continuing in his role of leading the team which maintains and improves the buildings of the Allotment Centre. He is also the leader of the new project team organising the installation of disabled access and toilets in the Centre.

Denise Wright is unfortunately unwell and we wish her a speedy recovery, she has resigned from the Management Committee.

Alf Walters has resigned as Chairman and as a member of the Management Committee although he will be continuing in his role as Distribution Secretary. The Management Committee voted their thanks to Alf for all his hard work for the Society over the past years.

At their meeting on 7 August 2004 the Management Committee co-opted Don Sandy to be a member and elected him to be their Chairman.


We very nearly lost the skips because people were abusing them. After two months of negotiation by Croydon Federation of Allotment Societies the skips were restored but we can now have only one a month. Croydon Council want to try to stop people thinking of anything as rubbish and to get as much as possible recycled; unfortunately they cannot yet provide recycling facilities for plastics or window glass. The skip is now kept fenced so that the ground stewards can supervise what is put into it,if it is not supervised properly we will loose the skips altogether. It is essential that no plant material of any sort is put in the skip which is for metal, glass and plastic only. If you have stuff to go in the skip keys are held by Antonia Hole, Tim Gundry-White, Ahmed Rai, John Jennings, Don Sandy, John Timoll, and Jack Dudley Swale.

Please do not throw anything over the fence into the skip or the skip enclosure, please do not bring rubbish from off the allotment site to put in the skip; if you are caught doing either of these things you may loose your plot.

Lottery Grant

Thanks to a lot of hard work by Don Sandy we have been fortunate in obtaining a grant from the National Lottery 'Awards for All' scheme to further our aim of making meeting facilities available to all in the local community by installing disabled access and toilets in the allotment centre. The grant available is 5000 the maximum under the scheme but considerably less than the estimated cost of the work. The Management Committee has set up a small project team to examine the possible options and to seek further funding.

HOSES - A warning

At least two plotholders left hoses connected and turned on recently while water supplies were cut off because of one of Thames Water's mains bursting. I think that both of them saw that there was no water coming out of the hose and assumed that they had turned it off, when the mains supply was restored the hose started running onto a deserted plot. All plotholders are strongly advised to disconnect their hoses before leaving their plot and to make sure that the taps are turned off. Leaving a hose connected to a standpipe prevents others from using the tap and there have been incidents where wandering vandals have turned the tap on, if that happens you might find it difficult to convince the stewards that it was not you who turned it on. Remember that it is us the plotholders who pay for the water and it is not cheap.

The Society, thanks to Croydon Council and to Milford Homes the builders, is being given the iron railings which originally surrounded the former Ingram Primary School. Over half of the railings are already on the allotment site and the others will arrive in the next few weeks. The intention is to use them to replace part of the rotting railings along the frontage to Dale Park Road but this will require a great deal of work. If any plotholder is prepared to help in this effort please tell the office.


Saturday 28 August.
5 pm till dusk.

Make this the social event of the year!

Ticket price is now to 5, for that you get food and music but bring your own fizzy pop or something stronger if you prefer.

You must buy your tickets before 22 August so that we know how many we are catering for.

Tickets from Antonia Hole, John Timoll or of course the office.

For those members who haven't discovered it yet tea, coffee, soft drinks and light refreshments are on sale in the hall every Saturday and most Sunday mornings.

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