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THE SITE:- 22 acres on the sunny South West side of Crystal Palace Hill. The soil is clay with a naturally neutral ph.; heavy to work until you get to know it but very fertile. Parts of the site have been allotments for over 150 years and most of it has been allotments for 90 years so the topsoil has been well worked. Some of our plots have remained in the same family for three generations.

Novices will find that our members are happy to give advice and Spa Hill Training provides formal instruction in basic techniques. The membership is an ethnic mix which reflects the local population; cultivational styles, techniques and tools from all over the world can be seen in use on the plots.

Mains water is supplied by standpipes and most plots are less than 100 feet (30 metres) from the nearest tap. There are toilets on the site.

While we are happy to let plots to non-organic gardeners our policy is to keep plots which have been cultivated organically for the organic gardeners.

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Plotholders are allowed to put up their own small sheds and greenhouses on their plots provided that they get written permission from the Society office before building starts. On many plots we will even give permission for small polytunnels.

The site by-laws which form the basis of all plotholders tenancy agreements is available here.

OFFICE HOURS:- 10am 'till 12 noon on Saturday and Sunday only. Our office is staffed entirely by volunteer members.

You can write to us at the address above or e-mail us.

PLOTS TO LET:- All plot letting is controlled by the office. When a plot is offered to a new tenant they will be shown round the site by the Ground Steward or by one of his deputies but they must go to the office to sign up for the plot. Most of our plots are nominally 250 metres2 (10 Rods2) but smaller plots from 25 metres2 (1 Rod2 ) upwards are available for those who are unable to work a full plot.

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Plot rent is £4.30 per 25 metres2 (per rod2) for 2007/2008; rents on the first ten rods2 are reduced to half for members aged over 60, for the registered disabled and the long term unemployed. In addition to the rent plotholders have to pay a service charge covering the cost of supplying water and from March 2008 for the cost of waste disposal, currently £2.50p per 25 meters2 (per Rod2) per year, and £2.25 in membership and affiliation fees. All plotholders are affiliated to the Croydon Federation of Allotment and Leisure Garden Societies.

The site gates are kept locked when the allotment centre is not open and plotholders will be issued with a key on payment of a £5 deposit returnable when the key is returned.

WAITING LIST :- We have a long waiting list for plots but if you live near to the site you will seldom have to wait for very long to get a plot.
You can read our waiting list policy.

Our policy is to give first priority to those who live within a kilometre, second priority to those who live between one and two kilometres from the site and to offer plots to those who live more than two kilometers away only when those living nearer have been satisfied. Subject to the priority policy the person who has been longest on the waiting list will be offered the next vacant plot.

IF YOU WANT A PLOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE WAITING LIST NOW!  You can download a form here (.pdf file).

MEMBERSHIP:- Even if you do not want a plot you can still join the Society as a "Garden Member". This allows you to use the distribution centre and cafe, receive our newsletters and to take part in the other groups and activities. "Garden membership" subscription £2 for 2007/2008 plus 10 pence to join! Two partners living at the same address may join as joint members; 20 pence to join but only £3 subscription.

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