Training courses at Spa Hill -2009

22 February 2009 Basic course

26 April 2009 Planting course

New for 2009 New Plotholder Course

A course for applicants on the waiting list for plots. A chance to learn something about allotment cultivation before you find that all your time is taken up by your new plot.

A generation ago gardening was something which everyone seemed to have learned without ever having been taught it. Now there are many people who would like to grow things but who have little or no experience of the practical aspects of gardening.

The local adult education centres and organisations like the Royal Horticultural Society provide excellent classroom theory instruction but there is a shortage of practical "hands on" training unless students are prepared to travel long distances.

Spa Hill Training exists to provide practical training in the basic skills of gardening and horticulture at a price which puts it within reach of most gardeners and allotment holders but which also covers all the costs involved.

Most of the instructors are experienced amateur gardeners who give their services voluntarily helping to keep costs as low as possible.

Training is practical

Spa Hill training concentrates on practice rather than theory. Students work in small groups with usually four or five and at most seven students to each instructor. As each task is explained students practice it under the supervision of their instructor. At the end of each course students are given printed notes of what they have done as an aid to memory. On the formal one day courses they also receive a certificate confirming that they have completed the course..

Training is modular

Spa Hill training is organised in modules each covering a single subject. This gives flexibility. One, two, three or more modules can be put together to provide a course to suit the season, the weather, the time available or the needs of a specific group of students. The use of detailed instructor notes for each module ensures a consistant teaching content even though several different instructors will be teaching the same module simultaneously.

The training Courses are open to everyone

Our publicly advertised training courses are open to anyone, you do not have to be a member to join one of our courses but you will become a member of Spa Hill Allotment Society automatically as soon as you enrol on any course held at Spa Hill. On some courses we give preference to students who have already completed an earlier course.

Course prices are slightly reduced for members of Spa Hill Allotment Society and of SHOGG.

The Spa Hill Training Board

Spa Hill Training is managed by the Spa Hill Training Board whose members are appointed by the Allotment Society and by SHOGG.

If you are an allotment or gardening society in South London who would be interested in a Spa Hill style modular training course being run on your site we will try to help you.

We might even be able to run one of our courses on your site for you or we can train some of your members as instructors and supply instructor and student notes for tried and tested training modules and information about course management.











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Basic course

Sunday 22 February 2009

content modules 1,2 & 4
see right hand column

cost £20.00 per student

9am start finishes at about 3pm.

All tools, equipment and seeds will be supplied. Trainees are advised to wear weatherproof clothing and stout footwear.

Planting course

Sunday 26 April 2009

content modules 5,6 & 7
see right hand column

cost £20.00 per student

9am start finishes at about 3pm.

All tools, equipment and seeds will be supplied. Trainees are advised to wear weatherproof clothing and stout footwear.

Pictures below are from the Planting Course on 23 April 2006

The day was to say the least damp, light drizzle rather than rain but difficult conditions for seedbed preparation.

Students planting cabbages

Planting Cabbages

Students planting leeks

Planting Leeks

Seed sowing

Seed sowing. Despite the drizzle an adequate tilth was achieved

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