Training for new plotholders

A training course for applicants waiting for a plot.

Over three quarters of new plotholders give up within two years of taking a plot The usual reason they give is that it is too much hard work. Observation suggests that their lack of knowlege and experience causes them to make it harder work than it needs to be. Once they have their plot it takes up so much of their time that they have insufficient left to go on any training course. So as an experiment we will run a course specifically for applicants on waiting lists in 2009.

The course will run on twelve Sunday afternoons starting on 19 April 2009

Each session will start at 2:30 pm and will last approximately two hours.

The course will cover all aspects of allotment cultivation. The emphasis will be on organic cultivation but non organic methods will also be explained. The course will involve a maximum of practical work and a minimum of classroom teaching. Each student will be required to cultivate a 'Micro Plot' (approximately eight feet by four feet) for the duration of the course and will be encouraged to continue to cultivate it until the end of September.

All tools, seeds, and plants will be supplied. Students are expected to come suitably clothed for working outdoors and wearing stout shoes.

There are a maximum of seven places on this course - early booking is advised.

Special price for the course £36

The course is open to anyone who is on a waiting list for a plot anywhere but if you are not already a Spa Hill member you will have to join which will cost you an extra £2.10.

Subjects covered

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