The Wind Turbine Project

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2 Delivery to the site

The turbine arrives on a lorry

The turbine and the supporting mast arrive on a rather large lorry.

Manoevering onto the site

Manouvering the lorry through the gates onto the allotment site was not quite as easy as this picture suggests.

Taking the mast off the lorry

The lower half of the mast came off first.

Upper Mast sections lifted over building

The lorry driver was used to handling mast sections like this with a fork lift. He managed to just miss the building each time.

Mast off the road at last.

Then he used the fork lift to push the mast onto a sidepath where it did not block the road, and without leaving tyre marks on the plots either side. In this picture the fork lift is carrying the gin pole which looks tiny compared with the mast sections.

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