The Wind Turbine Project

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3. Putting it together.

Lower mast section fitted to base

Here the lower section of the mast has been fixed to the base only by the hinge pin. The terminal box which will eventually be inside the mast has been fitted to the cable and the gin pole is in place ready to part lift the whole assembly.

fitting top section of mast

A chain hoist is used to lift the upper section of the mast and fit it to the lower section.

gin pole

At this stage a gentle pull on the gin pole will lift the top of the mast three feet off the ground so that the turbine unit can be fitted.

lifting the generator

The generator unit is now lifted with the chain hoist until it is lined up with the top of the mast.

generator fits to top of mast.

The whole of the generator unit can now be slid carefully onto the top of the mast.

Mast off the road at last.

This photo shows how both the grey cable which carries the electricity generated and the white brake line go through the mast itself.

Mast off the road at last.

Now the commutator which maintains electrical contact as the turbine turns to always face the wind has been installed and there is a nylon plug in place to keep cable and brake rope apart.

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